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Dark shadows hide the danger of a past now threatening the future in this thrilling romantic mystery series.

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Wicked Game of the Hunter front cover

Wicked Game of the Hunter (Volume 1 of 3)

In this first installment of a thrilling Boston mystery series, dangerous secrets are hidden in the dark, disturbing past of a British millionaire and his female protagonist.

Finally, all seems to be falling into place for Emma Sharpeton. Little does she suspect that this good fortune will bring her face-to-face with her past love, Hunter Logan.

After several troubling events, there are hints that their shared past is not quite buried. She and Hunter race to put together the pieces, and soon they discover that their fathers once worked together in a secret lab. Hunter’s late father always hated Emma, but how could he be involved this time? 

Everything Emma has is on the line—including her life. Hidden in the shadows is a deadly game fueled by greed. And, at the final hour, she doesn’t know whom to believe in this Wicked Game of the Hunter.

Wicked Shadow of the Hunter front cover

Wicked Shadow of the Hunter (Volume 2 of 3)

Danger continues to hunt Hunter Logan and Emma Sharpeton in this thrilling follow-up to Wicked Game of the Hunter.

A dark shadow lurks around every corner, weaving a tangled web of deception and threats. With the gala fast approaching, the clock is ticking for Hunter and his security guru, Ryan, to find out who’s behind the perilous events taking place.

Having to put their feelings aside, Hunter and Emma must conquer a labyrinth of obstacles in hopes of piecing this puzzle together. And the answers may lie where they least expect, buried deep in the past.

Each step forward brings Emma deeper into the spider’s web. Can Hunter and Ryan protect Emma and solve this suspenseful mystery before it’s too late?

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Wicked Storm of the Hunter (Volume 3 of 3)

A dangerous storm is brewing in this suspenseful conclusion to the Wicked Game of the Hunter trilogy.

Dark storm clouds, increasing with intensity each passing minute, taunt the players in this deadly game fueled by greed. As the storm approaches, disturbing and dangerous secrets once thought buried deep in the past are hidden in the shadows. 

Hunter Logan, consumed with devastation after Emma Sharpeton’s horrific car accident, pursues those responsible with a vengeance. Like sand in an hourglass, Hunter knows time is running out to solve this deadly mystery. Ryan, Hunter’s security guru, is hot on the trail of the murderous stalker, unearthing precarious secrets in the process.

Will the riddles of the past unlock the doors to the future? The stakes are high for all involved with peril around every corner. 

Wicked Storm of the Hunter front cover
Wicked Storm of the Hunter front cover